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Sometimes your best defense after being arrested and charged with a crime is the government’s own inappropriate actions – their illegal or dilatory behavior can trigger either a dismissal of the charges against you, the suppression of evidence seized which otherwise would be presented to a jury in your trial, or some other sanction.  When charged with a crime in New York or elsewhere, it is imperative that your lawyer focus not just on the evidence against you but also on the behavior of law enforcement in collecting that evidence.  Just because law enforcement or prosecutors have been getting away with illegal tactics for years does not mean they will forever. Continue reading

There are many ways to skin a cat – and many ways to win a criminal case without going to trial. Any of the best criminal attorneys in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will recognize that multiple opportunities exist during the pendency of a client’s case in which to damage the government’s leverage and position beyond repair.  One such way is to suppress damning evidence against the defendant which has been seized by the government.  With the devastating loss of their evidence no longer part of their case in chief, the government is usually amenable to extending a much more favorable plea offer than ever anticipated. Three examples of such winning suppression motions by our firm are explained below. Continue reading